Subscription Order Management

Package Building

Our dashboard empower you to create and manage a range of meal subscription plans tailored to your customers' needs. Set pricing, define meal frequency and duration, and easily accommodate dietary preferences or restrictions. With our solution, you can provide your customers with the flexibility they desire.

Menu Management

Effortlessly Create and Manage Dynamic Menus. Your menu is the heart of your meal subscription restaurant, and our Techrar give you complete control over your menu offerings. Our user-friendly platform allows you to create and manage dynamic menus with ease. Add, remove, or modify menus.

Macros and Labels Printing

Simplify Nutrition Tracking and Labeling Easily track and manage the macros and nutritional values of your menu items, ensuring your customers have the necessary information to make informed choices. Generate professional-grade labels that include nutritional values and expiration dates.


Generate printable packaging stickers that contain customer name, location, subscription details, and a unique barcode. With our packaging solutions, you can focus on delivering delicious meals while leaving the hassle of packaging to our intuitive platform.

Bills of Quantities

Accurate Meal Planning Made Simple. Precise meal preparation is essential for maintaining operational efficiency. With our Kitchen Management Solutions, we streamline the process of creating a bill of quantity. Our platform provides real-time insights into the number of meals required for each day, enabling you to plan your production accurately. Say goodbye to guesswork and optimize your kitchen's efficiency by preparing the right quantity of meals every time.

items based on dietary preferences, seasonal ingredients, or special promotions.

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