About Us​

In a world filled with daily and weekly routines like eating, exercising, commuting, watching movies, browsing social media, studying and taking courses, gaming, shopping, buying groceries, washing cars, doing laundry, and caring for health, hygiene, appearance, and beauty, “Techrar” revolutionizes how these habits are managed.

“Techrar” provides businesses with the necessary tools to streamline and effectively manage subscriptions, enabling them to enhance customer loyalty and increase the frequency of orders in a highly competitive market where customer expectations continually rise with the evolution of applications.

Our Mission

Empowering Businesses to Transform Everyday Habits into Sustainable Growth

At Techrar, our mission is to empower businesses with innovative tech solutions that seamlessly integrate into everyday routines, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. We strive to revolutionize how subscriptions are managed, providing comprehensive tools that streamline operations, foster customer loyalty, and drive sustainable growth. Through our advanced technology and commitment to excellence, we aim to turn daily habits into powerful opportunities for business success.

Our Team

Ahmed Salama

Co-Founder & CEO

Safwan Saigh

Co-Founder &
Software Engineering Manager

Fozan Alkhalawi

Co-Founder &
Product Manager

Rania Shaker

Co-Founder & CX Manager

Ahmed Saeed

& Data Engineering Manager

Abdulrahman Salama

Founding Operations Manager

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