techrar and Octafood Announce A Collaboration Agreement

New day, new partnership, greater achievements! 🚀

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership between techrar, the leading subscription-first e-commerce platform, and Octafood, specialists in producing healthy meals since 2018!

At techrar, we aim to empower our partners with cutting-edge subscription technology. Our technology makes it easy to manage, customize and automate processes, allowing users to easily subscribe, customize, and manage their packages via the user app, to deliver a premium subscription experience.

We are now strengthening our commitment by partnering with Octafood, pioneers in providing delicious healthy meals.

Why choose Octafood meals? Because they offer more than 100 healthy and delicious varieties, various packages to suit different health needs, free nutritional consultation, and delivery to more than one location inside Jeddah and Makkah. Available packages include: weight loss packages, gym packages, bulking packages, business lunch packages, and lifestyle packages. Octafood app features: More than 100 diverse items in your pocket! With the ability to choose from multiple packages, the ability to freeze and change meals, and the ability to change the pickup location.

Through this partnership, Octafood subscribers will have access to various healthy meals tailored to suit all tastes and dietary needs, making the healthy eating experience fun and convenient.

Together, we’re reshaping the future of healthy meal subscriptions.

Download the Octafood app now

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