yumealz participates in the Saudi Aramco health education exhibition on the occasion of World Cancer Day

On Sunday, 5/2/2023, Saudi Aramco organized a health education exhibition for its employees in Jeddah, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, at the company’s headquarters in the Andalus district of Jeddah. yumealz participated in this occasion as one of the entities that encourage its customers and community members to follow a healthy lifestyle, in line with the Quality of Life Program, one of the programs to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and its strategy concerned with developing the standard of living in Saudi cities, changing behaviors, and creating habits with a positive healthy impact. Economic and social, and for citizens, residents and visitors to choose to live a healthier and more active life permanently.

It is worth noting that World Cancer Day is a day when the whole world unites to combat the cancer epidemic by educating societies and making them aware of cancer diseases, ways to prevent them, encouraging early detection and emphasizing that solutions are possible, and we, as individuals and institutions, can provide means of support, awareness and prevention of cancer.

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