yumealz in collaboration with Antifat+ and Layaqati organized their first social event and business lunch at Whitespace

yumealz, in cooperation with its strategic partners Antifat+ and Layaqati, organized on Thursday 16/6/2022 a social event and a working lunch at the headquarters of the White Space Company for Business Incubators and Accelerators “WhiteSpace” and its community consisting of a group of startups and entrepreneurs in Jeddah.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Co-Founder & CEO of yumealz, Eng. Ahmed Salama, welcomed the attendees, thanked the sponsors and the organizers, then gave a brief presentation on yumealz application and introduced the company’s team, products and solutions it offers to its customers.

After that, Captain Hatim Alharbi, CEO of Layaqati, gave a speech to raise awareness and promote the importance of healthy food choices and physical exercise as two pillars of a healthy lifestyle.

In a related context, some accompanying events were organized, anthropometric measurements were carried out for attendees, physical fitness tests, and solutions and suggestions were provided to the participants to help them maintain a better healthy lifestyle. The event witnessed some sports performances, fitness challenges, and jumping rope with the participation of Captain Faris Majali.

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